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Buy galvanized strips in Kyiv, Lviv, Ukraine

You can buy galvanized strips in Kyiv, Lviv and with delivery across Ukraine in the Modus online store. Galvanized strip is an element of rolled metal products, similar to a long metal strip. Due to the zinc coating, the surface of the strip is not subject to corrosion and lasts much longer than a regular steel strip.

Galvanized strip is produced in rolls - this is the most convenient form of transportation for large batches of a galvanized strip. In addition to convenience, roll storage and transportation allows you not to damage the surface. This is an important point, since damaged galvanizing can provoke the development of rust inside the strip, with a loss in the strength of the final product.

You can use a galvanized strip when transporting large consignments of fragile goods. Frameworks for the transportation of goods are made from the galvanized strip - they are durable, relatively lightweight and reliable. Due to their stainless properties, their service life is significantly extended.

Another advantage of purchasing a galvanized strip is the ability to make a frame with any desired parameters, depending on the tasks for which it will be used. Galvanized strip is easy to measure, cut and weld, with a minimum of skill and technique required.

Buy galvanized strip in Kyiv

You can buy galvanized strip in Kyiv either by placing an order on the website or by visiting our warehouse directly. Since the information on the availability on the site is strictly controlled, you can safely place an order if you have found the stainless steel you need.

However, before arriving at the warehouse, you should check the actual availability for the current day. If necessary, the selected products will be delivered to a warehouse in your city, if it is Kyiv or Lviv.

Buying galvanized strip in Lviv

Buying a galvanized strip in Lviv is an important issue for many construction companies. Stainless steel tape is an excellent material for interior decoration, where restraint and minimalism are welcomed in the design - office and business centers, medical clinics, etc. Depending on the specific request of the customer, you can choose polished (mirror), sanded or matt type of coating of the strip. A separate plus is the resistance of galvanized coating to disinfectants. That is, trimming with strips is not only beautiful and convenient, but also safe.

You can buy galvanized strip in Lviv by visiting our warehouse or placing an order on our website.

Purchase of a metal strip in Ukraine

The purchase of a metal strip in Ukraine in Modus online store is a guarantee of getting the maximum benefit at the lowest cost. For years, we have been creating mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation with world suppliers of rolled metal products in order to be able to sell quality products at an affordable cost.

Why is it better to buy a galvanized strip from us?

Modus uses only the best steel for strips with the most versatile and reliable indicators of strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Here you will find a wide range of galvanized strips with various thicknesses and widths. Our consultants will help you find the right one depending on the chosen task.

We also carry out cutting of rolled metal products, additional processing, packaging and delivery throughout Ukraine.

Prices for galvanized strip

Prices for galvanized strip are usually calculated by footage, by weight or by roll, depending on the required batch size. Also, the price is influenced by the accuracy class (A - increased, B - high or C - normal), the tape curvature class (the first - up to 0.2% of the length, the second - 0.2-0.5%). Of course, there will be a difference for strips of different widths and thicknesses. The fastest simple way to calculate the cost is to call the consultants and ask them to do it for you.