Complex supply of stainless steel rolled products for the client
We have assembled teams of qualified salespeople with a technical background to provide turnkey stainless steel rolled products. They know all the nuances of using products and form the most effective solutions in terms of the usage environment of use and properties of the metal.
Cutting allows to optimize the leftovers and quickly enough to ship the required number of products. It leaves a clean edge, which is important when working with stainless steel. Other advantages of cutting include high accuracy compared to other types and that it allows customers to save money by shipping only the amount of metal that is needed.
Stainless metal is very demanding during transportation and loading, as it has a high probability of damage. To do this, at Modus we use stretch film packaging. And when working with metal, all employees use special velvet gloves.
Within 1, maximum 2 days to any place in Ukraine, we deliver stainless steel rolled products. For this we use the logistics department of our company, as well as our own cars.
Professional consultation and help with choice when purchasing rolled metal
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